Today, there are many different types of sports that can be played as a means of keeping fit. Such sports transcend all boundaries, be it water, air as well as land and ski sports are one type of sport that has found immense popularity recently. As the name implies, such sports are normally performed during the winter with participants being heavily equipped with skis and other equipment.

One of the most popular forms of ski sports is that of Alpine Skiing, and this form of skiing is also known as “downhill skiing”. Participants of alpine skiing start at the top of snow capped mountains and race downwards on skis. Although it is a recreational activity, it is also a very competitive sport and skiers take great pleasure in beating the times of their rivals. The immense pleasure that skiers get when they glide downhill cannot be compared to anything else. The main problem that is associated with such alpine skiing is the ability of controlling one’s speed. Since there are some slopes that are much steeper than others, there is the need to have the right equipment that can help in taking the many sharp turns and blind curves.
Another well known ski sport is that of cross-country skiing. It is practiced in most countries where there is adequate snow fall, such as Canada, North America, Finland as well as other snow clad regions of Europe. Although it is primarily performed as a means of recreation, cross-country skiing has also made its name as one of the best methods of maintaining a high level of fitness with several expensive machines being marketed which simulate the sport. The fact that one can burn many calories through this sport has increased its popularity as a form of exercise. Usually the skis for cross country skiing are longer than normal skis and this provides added control and mobility for the skier. The ski poles used are made from fiberglass or aluminum.

Another popular form of skiing is freestyle skiing. This form of skiing has recently made its name due to the aerial and gymnastic ability of the skiers. Nicknamed “hot-dogging”, there are many annual professional competitions that are held to showcase the style and rhythm of its participants. Freestyle skiing is subdivided into different categories that comprise different tricks and acrobatic skills.

The most dangerous form of ski sport is that of extreme skiing which is performed on deep slopes having little snowfall on them. While such a type of skiing provides a rush of adrenaline, it also requires immense stamina, physical endurance as well as concentration on the part of the skier in overcoming different obstacles.